Tattle-Tale Heart tells you

— and everybody else —

what your heart is really saying.



Our fashion necklace lets your heart shine! Tattletale Heart picks up signals from compatible heart monitors and displays heart data on a stylish LED matrix. It features a nifty two-button interface, allowing you to scroll through a number of settings, and play classic games like snake.

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Your life is becoming more and more virtual, so why shouldn’t your heart be? Tattletale Heart — the app — reads your heart rate through your webcam or phone camera, calculates your mood, and posts directly to social media.

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How it works

When we started designing Tattle-Tale Heart, we asked ourselves: what exactly can be determined from a person’s heart rate? We spent months studying real-time heart data (collected from people’s webcams) alongside browsing behavior (mouse clicks and DNS logs). The results were stupendous. Subtle variations in heart rate can indicate whether a person is depressed, in love, stubborn, or an impulse spender — to name a few.


From this study, we developed ground-breaking algorithms that crunch heart rate data to calculate mood and personality traits. We wanted to use this technology to get people boldly in touch with themselves and each other. When you wear Tattle-Tale Heart or download the app, you get a window into your most intimate emotional being, and open up your true self for the world to see.

Our Customers

Tattle-Tale Heart just makes social media so much more genuine!


Finally, my digital life has integrity with my physical being. TTHeart holds me accountable to my true emotions — not just what I want people to see.


I know someone is truly comfortable with themselves if they install Tattle-Tale Heart.


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